Beer Citizen

Nicechop was founded by one-third of the creative team from Definition LLC. During that time, Beer Citizen was conceived, designed, and delivered to fill a void in the beer review app market. Used by thousands of beer nerds around the world, it's available on Apple's App Store, Google Play, and at

Beer Citizen: Animated demo

Having built an app that approaches beer reviews differently than anything else before it, Beer Citizen needed a demo to explain key concepts to new users. 

News and announcement slides

News and announcement slides

Content is king, so keeping news and announcements fresh is key in retaining dedicated users and attracting new ones. Rich content like slides and videos proved to be much more effective than simple text on both the Beer Citizen website and various social media outlets.

Beer Citizen boasts users from around the globe. As such, an intuitive, engaging, easily navigated site is essential.